Real love: Kelz and Yaz forever

Real love
True love
With the deepest and realst connection
Never fully grown though cause one never took serious
One never pushed away the attention of the village
So true love us, Kelz and Yaz can blossom
And truly grow and show it’s genuine love roots
Just let weeds grow around even turning brown
All while watching the fake green of others
Not knowing home, us, Kelz and Yaz can be just as green if we both watered it
But still I love you
I have no reason why
And I don’t know why
I just do
And did from the first time I said and always will honestly
From the first conversations we had
To the last date we had that beautiful Saturday afternoon
Where we enjoyed our place, and each other company just as we always did
And afterwards giving you the love of my life some gifts from my heart
Just me spoiling my queen as I always did
Showing you love and support you never experienced or had til I came into your life
For its our love that is royalty, Kelz and Yaz
and it can never be replaced
Our love, Kelz and Yaz the greatest ever
But she ignores to please some replacement
And folk she calls friends
Our love the greatest still and she feels it within
She just lies about it and covers it with fake love and attention
For we, Kelz and Yaz are twin flames on a greater journey
With a better love story to tell
If only she open her eyes to real love and allow us in
Just allow Kueen Kelz and Queen Yaz to fully live
And our love too
Still growing
Still learning
And the outside noise history
As we Kelz and Yaz, real love stand forever United
Love and light forever my love and my sweet lady Yaz
Your truest love me Kelz got you always
From the day we met to our last breathe
Our souls will always be one and soon we will be reunited
For what’s meant to be will be
And can no karmic partner keep us apart forever,
For we are twin flames finding our way back to each other and soon will live out our greatest happiness and truest love
Kueen Kelz & Queen Yaz, real love forever, peace and love my queen and sweet lady Yaz.

Black Coffee

Black coffee no cream

Not even the non dairy type

But add just a little sugar and it’s just right

Or maybe one of those flavored coffees if I’m feeling adventurous

Just keep it strong and bold

I want it solid like Meg the Stallion

Always holding me down

Always truthful

Never fake

Just keep it real even in rough times

Never folding like Lauren

Successful like Halle B

With an empire like Bey

And will allow me to add too

As we reign together

Making money off our passions and investments

With enough money for our great great great grands to live off of and see the world

But for now we take trips around the world

No private jet but we first class and sipping champagne

With keys to something exotic when we land

As we pull up to a 5 star, rented mansion or beach house pending where we land

Spending atleast a week without our phone or work emails

Just erasing all off our schedules

Cause we entrepreneurs and we living our best life

Eating fine vegan dinners prepared by our own private chef

Just enjoying our time together from spas to massages to just regular alone time

Away from the madness of any work schedule

Just doing whatever we choose

living life without regrets and to the fullest

Just peace and calm as Buddha spoke of

Peace & light

toast to my future Ms black coffee whoever she is

Letter to my x part 7

When the love sours
When one been faking love the whole time
Just doing as she want
Never giving a damn about the other
But now want to play hurt and a victim and as I treated her so badly
Just forgetting the good i brought to her life cause she want to mess around with clowns and jokers
Who mean her no good
She rather waste time with toxic liars who destroy love instead of work it out with a real one
But My heart staying pure
And My love always been genuine and honest
If only you did too
And I take full accountability for my own faults between us
I don’t pretend she the bad guy so the next supply feel adequate in her life
Nor do I project my faults on her
Or did I ever play the evil games she played or use anyone to get what I got then discard and disrespect them to boost myself up
Only she and her toxic friends think using ppl then playing victim after turning evil on them is ok
Not to mention she lied daily just to please them
All while neglecting me and us and what we talked about
Cause she want to give some weak toxic clown a chance
Instead of her truest love
And it should be us and what we talked abou
But she too scared to let real genuine love in
Rather give some one who she supposedly known longer that exclusive time
When that person had their chance but when she began being loved and spoiled right they want to poison her against me so they can come between us and waste her time just lying so she go against me
She got evil energies around her
Now she turned evil to me to please them
Yet she got the nerve to project her flaws on me as she play victim like I abused her or something
As she give time to jokers who only paid her attention after I stepped up
As she began erasing all we talked about to please home wreckers who can never love her right
Just copy all I did for her as she praise them as if it’s new
It’s a damn shame but her reality
Now putting on a show for “friends and family” like she happy and I’m the only one to do wrong between us
But deep down her heart crying and she regretful cause she know that clown ain’t the one
But she still faking so everyone around her happy but her
That bitch who you should of been let go
And all the other clowns you were entertaining too
But you hold on cause of “history”
As you ignore real love and the one who gave you genuine love, real history, memories and looked out for you daily
But you want to listen to friends who only dream of genuine love
But find themselves in and out of toxic talking stages and relationships like you so they enable you to hurt pure hearts and those with true intentions to you
you found real love with me but you scared to give a real shot
So you suffer now
Cause deep down you know you dropped the ball listening to toxic hating friends
Just living with regrets now
And untruths you told about me
As you try to paint me the bad guy as if I abused you or something
Just projecting all you did on me
Pretending like you happy with the choice you made
Just admit you made a mistake in love
You listened to folk who should never speak on love, us or me
And that I wasn’t the only one at fault
you did more dirt than me
You lied more than me
But yeah some how I’m the bad guy who abused poor little you
I own my faults and working on mine
Not faking happiness in a fake relationship or situationship cause that’s what friends want me to do
But you have fun but seriously you don’t have to pretend to be happy with me and you know this
Just own your part and let US talk
Cause I don’t hate you or pretend to dislike cause friends want me too
We don’t have to be distant strangers with memories
If only you drop the toxic advice from weirdos
They know nothing about us or love
Just how to destroy real love and waste people time
But you keep thinking they good for you
They destroyed your greatest relationship and love, US
So you just take this huge L
And I hope it eats at you forever
And my heart may have been broken but my life and blessings up
And you could of been right here with me genuinely happy but you chose trash over royalty
You chose depression over genuine happiness
So enjoy your loss
Maybe one day you realize how much you fucked up in fucking us up with your lies and deceit to please your toxic gossiping “friends”

Spit your lies let me tell my truth

spit your lies let me tell my truth
Let me say how well and like a queen I treated you
Always making sure you good
Always checking up on you
Always there for you
But you cold when I needed
You “too busy” for us
But got time for so called friends and hoes you entertained
Even took trips and had the nerve to ask me for money
When you couldn’t send me an invite
Saying your “friend” wasn’t comfortable with me
Didn’t like me
Well you should of told the bitch too bad cause me and you were dating not them
And she either respect us or get ghost
But you a coward in that aspect
But got the nerve to get mad when I questioned your love
When I should of kept questioning
Cause you proved yourself untrustworthy
Just projecting your wrong doings on me
Even disrespecting me in front toxic “friends” so you can impress and get in the bed with them then got the nerve to say you don’t know where I been on our last date
You told on yourself a lot
And you thought you were getting over
Naw boo I was seeing how far you take your untruths
And you went deep
You something else
Just sad and twisted
And now playing victim to whoever listen
But the true toxic monster is you
And you refuse to seek help for your trauma
Just rather hurt genuine pure hearts who had good intentions for you
And no I’m not perfect but what you did I would never
I’m just telling my therapist everything that occurred now and we both seeing the toxic monster that is you
As you continue acting grimey to me cause some bitch want you too
But keep on that’s your bad energy and karma misses no one
And even if my heart forever love you
my mind is finally through with your toxic mess and your enabling hating friends too
Now I’m just spitting my truth in these lines
Cause I know you talking hate and lies to your “best/good friends” that you switch up every so many months
So talk your lies I’m spitting my truth now
I’m back in my power and loving myself more
If only you didn’t hate genuine love and happiness so much you could see the true beauty that is/was us, peace!

Letter to my x part 6

She lost
She sad
She miserable
Just looking for happiness in all the wrong places
Trying to please folk who do her no good
Just wreck her happiness so their ego boosted
And she join their company
It’s a vicious cycle but it’s true misery loves company
And they got hers
Yet part of me can’t hate her
Part of me love her still
Damn this heart of mine
Yet part of me want to say some things to her
Yet part of me just want to hug her
Cause I feel and understand her trauma
But she won’t seek help for it
She rather destroy a good heart to boost herself up
She rather turn evil to the one who stood by her through her struggle and stress
She rather blame me for anxiety attacks I never knew about
When I always asked her how she was doing mentally
Yet she rather people please and be nice to folk who left her hanging in her darkest times
As she let the love who stood by her and always checked in on her go
But this her lost
And one day she will realize I never needed her
I wanted her in my life
She needed me more than I ever needed her
My bills and rent were paid with ease and still are
My stomach well fed too
But she rather hurt me than love me back
She rather listen to gossips instead of talk to me so we can heal and tune out the noise of toxic folk
But this her
This us
And no I’m not perfect but I’m working on me
I see my errors I just wish she took accountability for her own too
But I guess this what happens when you fall for a narcissist
They blame and project all on you
When they did the most dirt