Devil daughters/Dear lisa c 2

Use ur pics as target practice whenever i hit the range

Then i imagine u bleeding to death

Nice and slow as u gurgle ur blood

Bitch i hate u

And all u stand for

Which isnt much

Cuz evil ppl like u dont stand for nothing

Just evil in ur blood

But u will get urs, karma plays no favorites

Unlike u

And it could be a std or whatever

And part of me wanna see

But then again its none of my business

So im just gone mind mine

And let karma handle u and ur bitch ass crew

I’m talking ur lame friends lily madrid and bri rolfe

Surprised they havent caught an std yet

As much as they hoe around

Fucking random bitches, cheating on “girlfriends”

I see why they ex turn straight after them

They aint shit and never gone be shit

Just like u, their mentor

Their feeder of hate

And toxic waste

just spilling over to them

Breeding a new spawn of evil

The devil’s daughters

Fuck u all and ur hate

Ya fat, broke and ugly bitches

Conversation with the sky/For Yazmine 

Conversation with the sky/For Yazmine


Why i love you, i cant explain

I just know i do

And before you i never had this love in me

Didnt know i could love like this

But the day you entered my life

My heart did something it hadnt done

My soul started talking too

And it scared me at first as i fought this feeling

My heart and soul scared me

But then i realized I had found my better half

Someone who touched me deeply

Someone i could love forever, Yazmine

So my heart got louder

My soul awakened

But still fear

Still fights with my ego, Kelly vs Kelz

But then came a day where i finally silenced it

as i now welcome Kelly back

For its been a battle

But my heart and soul have won the war

For Yazmine is my queen

And i dont want another

I dont seek another

for she is an amazing woman

And all the woman i need and want

Sorry baby for my foolishness

My immaturity

But i do realize that your my once in a lifetime love

My true love

And i cherish you

I appreciate you

And love you greatly

Thats good and bad days

Even when we at odds

For thats when love is needed most

and ill shout to the world who my queen is,

Her name is Yazmine

This what i been asking the universe for

For you are my person

And i promise to always show you love and appreciation

Even in the midst of arguments

For no matter what you can always come to me

I got you ten fold

and my heart will never turn cold towards you

But always full of love

forever it belongs to only you

And I love you forever baby, my better half Yazmine

Letter to Leilah part 2

Loved you since your mom introduced you

I knew that I wanted to be the best person i can be

just want to set a good example for you

And just like your mom

You do make me better on a daily

You two i will love forever

Our family forever, Kelz, Yaz and Leilah

Now that’s a nice sight

Beautiful little family

With plenty of love

As me and your mom work to give you the world

And pure love

I just wanna make sure you both good and smiling

I am here for you always baby girl

Thank you for making me grow up

And ridding myself of all that selfishness

I love you and got your back always young queen

Here’s to many days of us chilling after school doing homework

Then on weekends playing dolls

And having tea parties as we rock to some kids bop

And driving momma Yazzy wild

You my kid no matter your last name or blood that’s in you

I got you always baby girl

And i know i am on the road a lot

But I am working to make a better future for you, mom and your future baby sister or brother

You all my motivation daily

You even got me to quit the black and milds for good

Now my lungs breathe better

As I hit the gym more

Gotta stay ready just in case you want to hoop

Or pick up some other sport

Then run off any boys who try to play you

Let em know i shoot 36 out of 40

Yeah your bonus mom a sharpshooter

And I will teach you too when the time right

I love you baby girl

You the future

And you can be whatever you put your mind too

You were birthed by a queen

So never let this world get you down,

Keep your head up, poke your chest out,

stay focused

Stay humble and always a pure heart

I am here for you as long as I breathe in me

I love you forever Leilah, my first daughter, love forever

Thank you, love you forever Queen Yazmine 

Thank you, love you forever Queen Yazmine


Never question your beauty

Never question your worth

For you were created with love an grace

Much time given as you grew in your mom’s womb

Aint nobody matching you

Your beauty never been seen til your mom birth you

For she birth a goddess

A queen unseen

Your presence is grace

A blessing to me and anyone you come across

As you radiate goodness

I love your vibe and your energy

You an exotic treasure

worthy of more than i can give

And i thank the universe daily that i found you

Love that you a part of my life

Bringing me pure joy and love on a daily

For i never knew love til i found you

Never knew my heart could feel like it do

As it calls out your name daily, Yazmine

You more than a treasure to me

You are my queen

A goddess

As you give new meaning to all them poems i ever wrote

And ever read

Damn I love you

Thank you for loving me when it was hard too

And thank you for continuing on this life journey with me

I just wanna give you the world

I love and appreciate you forever queen Yazmine

Take my hand, love you Yazmine 

Take my hand, love you Yazmine


For the most beautiful woman in the world

For the woman with such an amazing mindset

Love your go getter attitude

Love that i dont give af attitude from you

But I also understand where it come from

Ppl have let u down in the past

So u dont lean on folk anymore

Your heart been broken and other things

Including from me

So you got trust issues now

But remember you a queen

So keep ur head up

as i adjust your crown

Now lets see that beautiful smile that can light up the universe

And babe, i am always here for you

Talking as your lover, friend and partner

Line always open for u

My ear welcomes your voice

My shoulder dont mind your head or vulnerabilities

Just lean on me

I got you always babe

This our journey

And im ready for a lifetime with you

Just take my hand as all the past dissolves

As we heal what has been broken

Love you forever baby, my queen

My lady forever, Yazmine

Rebirth 2

Rebirth 2


Fighting demons

Fighting myself daily

As my ego try to revive itself

But kelly fighting stronger this time around

I am aware of the bs of my past

And the love in me for her, Yaz

And i be damn if i go back to the old me

Come to far now

Gotta keep going

Keep healing

And attending therapy

Even if just once a month

This old me can not revive itself

She has hurt enough already

Including myself

Even if i gotta keep killing my ego

One day it will be dead for good

For i am learning to deal daily

And one day it gone for good

Just like this anxiety

To my fam i love you

To the love of my life, Yaz,

Thank you for standing by me

I know not easy

But i appreciate greatly

I love you forever baby, a true queen

Just an amazing woman

And im grateful to have u on this life journey with me

Love forever

For my forever lady. Yazmine

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“For Yaz, forever my lady” – Kelly Newson

Beautiful woman

Queen by all standards

Setting your own

Just a dope soul

With beauty all your own

Bringer of love

Calmer of my soul

I find peace when we connect, Kelz and Yaz

As our hearts sync with each embrace

I feel my chakras align as i grow closer to you

And all that pinned up anger dissolves

for i have found someone that gives me peace

Someone that calms my spirit

Gawd i love you

I am in love with you

And i dont care who know it

For this love i am unashamed of

This love my greatest love

For you bring out the best in me

And i promise to continue growing and bettering myself

As i also work on ways to better US, Kelz and Yaz

For we going the distance

With some rings in the future

But for now just building a solid foundation

Unbreakable bond and love

That lives on forever

Even pass our lifetimes

For what we got is real and rare

And never will we find in another

we got that once in a lifetime type of love

A love no other can compete with

Or break

As we build up daily, weekly, monthly and for years to come

I love you forever queen,

My forever lady Yazmine Ponce De Leon Vargas

Better halves: Kelz and Yaz 

Better halves: Kelz and Yaz


Stepping stones to forever

Stepping stones to everlasting love

As peace and love surrounds us, Kelz and Yaz

Never wavering to temptation

But our love standing firm in the face of it

As we love each other exclusively,

Monogamously and faithfully

For our love the greatest love

Once in a lifetime type of love

Its why I fight hard for it

I want to get it right

I want to love you,Yazmine

And you love me, Kelly

As we raise our family

Never wavering to outside opinions or temptations

For our love unbreakable

And ordained by the universe

For our love is already blessed

and only need to be understood by US, Kelz and Yaz,

No explanation to no outsider ever needed

Nore can an outsider ever break what we got

We tight like fort knox

working daily to make US even more stronger

for we have already proven that we can get through whatever

With love and our hearts leading the way

As our minds, souls and bodies connect furthermore

And like they never have before,

Its Kelz and Yaz forever and always

Loving me

Loving me


I know loving me is hard at times

and i am grateful you haven’t given up on me, on us

As our love have grown

For we done been through so much in such a little time

Taught each other and ourselves a lot

Still growing though

Still maturing our greatness

Our crowns were just a little crooked

But we straightened them up

We standing taller

As our love grow everyday

As these storms that threaten us die off themselves

But we remain standing

We remain calm through it all

We remain loving one another

Even when most difficult

For we know what we got is real

What we got is unbreakable

And can no storm or person tear us up

For what is real

What is meant to be and written in the universe will be

What has already been blessed

Can no human tear apart

I am talking about US, Kelz and Yaz

Its US forever

And i got you always babe

You already know my queen

My forever lady, Yaz